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Photos from my trip to Barcelona and a cabin trip with my girls in Iceland in the summer of 2018.

Vegan Brands - Shoes, Accessories & Clothing

Since becoming vegan it has always been a struggle for me finding vegan alternatives in clothing such as shoes, handbags and so on. Throughout the years I’ve found some great animal-friendly brands that are either focusing on all vegan products or offer cruelty-free options within their brand. For me, I mostly struggled with finding fashionable items as I can be very picky with my choice of clothing and accessories so I wanted to share with all of you what options I’ve found out there. 

Completely cruelty-free brands:

The New York-based brand offers beautiful handbags made from 100 percent vegan leather. They have their signature bag “Shopping Bag” that come in three different sizes and many different colours.

JW PEI is an ethical and sustainable handbag brand focusing on completely vegan leather and has a strong passion for making products that are both beautiful and cruelty-free.

Matt & Nat
Leather accessories
I feel everyone that has transitioned into buying vegan leather has come across Matt & Natt. They offer a large selection of leather goods from handbags to shoes that are worth taking a look at.

Mashu offers a range of high-end handbags focusing on minimal silhouettes with different textures and colours. The brand’s bags are inspired by Art Deco and contemporary architecture.

Shrimps offer cruelty-free furs on a luxurious scale, meaning their items are a bit more expensive than your usual fur-free jacket or accessory. I have one jacket from Shrimps that I love and the quality does feel a lot better than the average fur-free jacket, so I highly recommend investing in one of their jackets.


If you want a fur-free jacket but something a bit more affordable then Jakke is a good option. They offer many different styles of alternative fur jackets and accessories.

Munimuni Studio
I found this brand recently and they offer a selection of animal-friendly shoes, more towards sandals and comfortable heels. All their products are ethical, sustainable and all handmade in the Philippines.

Susi Studio
Susi Studio is a Los Angeles based lifestyle company offering vegan footwear. They offer a range variety of shoes for all different styles. They focus on maintaining an ethical and sustainable approach with their supply chain.

Rombaut offers a vast amount of shoes in different styles and colours. All the materials and fabrics they use are sustainably engineered and there are no toxic or animal-derived substances involved in the making of their shoes.

Rafa is a woman’s luxury footwear brand designed and handcrafted in Los Angeles. They offer a large selection of shoes that are made to order or you can browse from their in-stock footwear. All their shoes are made from vegan recycled materials.

Vegetarian Shoes
I wouldn’t say Vegetarian shoes are the most fashionable or trendy brand but they offer a great number of classic shoes that can be difficult finding cruelty-free. I have a pair of boots from them called Airseal and I think they’re the perfect winter shoe, a bit more chunky than Dr.Martens.

Beyond Skin
Beyond Skin is not exactly my style when it comes to shoes but they do offer a lot of classic heels, sandals and a lot more, that I haven’t come across before.

Cruelty-free collections:

Nanushka offers a range of vegan leather clothing pieces which I haven’t seen often by fashion brands. If you’re looking for vegan leather dresses, coats, skirts, pants you can find it there.

Vagabond offers a non-animal collection within its range of leather shoes. They don’t have a large selection of vegan shoes but they do have some good options and I’m hoping they’ll start making their boots animal-friendly but we will just have to wait and see if that happens.

If you didn’t know already then Dr.Martens have a vegan collection of shoes. They offer a lot of their classic styles in a cruelty-free alternative.

Veja has gotten quite popular in recent years as they offer beautifully made sneakers with a sustainable and ethical purpose. Veja also offers a vast amount of vegan sneakers.


Novesta shoes have been around for a long time and offer a classic approach to sneakers. Mostly all of their shoes are vegan depending on the material used but at least most of their Star Master collection is cruelty-free.

I believe everyone knows or have seen Birkenstocks before but maybe you didn’t know that they offer a large selection of vegan shoes and sandals. I’ve had my pair of vegan Arizona sandals for many years now and they are still going strong.

Marais x Alex Mill
The sustainable but not cruelty-free shoe brand Marais made a collaboration with Alex Mill to produce two vegan shoes that are the perfect summer mule.

About Arianne
About Arianne is a shoe brand focusing on environmentally responsible products all made in Spain. While the brand produces leather shoes they also offer a selection of stunning vegan shoes.


From when Margrét came to visit me while I was still living in Milan and my trip with Elmar and Axel in London 2017.

The importance of the slow fashion movement

Slow fashion is about consuming and creating fashion consciously and it rejects the mainstream practices of fast fashion while supporting artisans and smaller businesses, fair trade and locally-made clothes. It connects social and environmental awareness and responsibility with the pleasure of wearing well made, and lasting clothing as compared to the immediate gratification of fast fashion. The movement also encourages companies to be more transparent. The need for companies to show their manufacturing processes increases the companies reputation and can help buyers make more conscious decisions.

The slow fashion movement can be categorised into three areas which are ethical fashion, lasting fashion and ecological fashion and the motto is to think quality over quantity. Ethical fashion is in concern about animal welfare, humane working conditions, exploitation, fair trade practices, sustainable production and for the environment and ethical fashion aims to address these problems. Lasting fashion is about the clothing item itself and thinking of its consumption rate. For this category you need to think about the importance of a clothing item, asking yourself to buy only what you need and what will last for a long time. Lastly,is the impact the actual clothing production has on the environment. Eco-friendly is a term to refer to goods and services considered to inflict minimal or no harm to the environment. There is really no such thing as a 100% eco-friendly piece of clothing. Often when talking about eco-friendly clothing we are talking about companies which try and make it a point to minimise their damage to the environment.

A few steps to get you in the right direction:

Invest in your clothing
Really think about what you are buying before making the purchase. Think about if the item will last for a long time, and maybe spending more money on a sustainably made item that you know you will use for longer.

Shop from sustainably and fair trade clothing brands
Similar to the previous point but it’s important to think about where your clothes are actually being made. It is better for the environment to buy from fair trade brands and they use better fabrics that are organic and not toxic, which is better for your skin also.

Donate your previously loved clothing or give it to textile recycling bins
I think everyone has donated their previously loved pieces some time in their life but it’s good to think about where you are donating to. Many companies throw away most of the clothes they get donated so do some research on where you want to donate to. It can also be a good idea to try and host markets so people can buy your pre-loved clothing items. 

Support local businesses
There are many reasons why everyone should support local businesses but small businesses promote competition, they consistently produce new jobs, they offer original items, personalised service, and face-to-face conversations with the owners themselves and the list goes on.

Shop vintage or secondhand
Vintage and secondhand stores are curated from pre-loved items and you will for sure find something you will like, depending on the different style of the stores. Vintage and secondhand stores are important as they give life to items someone else didn’t want to keep anymore and then they don’t end up in a landfill. 

Take better care of your clothing
Rather try and fix your older items then throw them, wash your pieces less often or with cold water, line dry instead of using the dryer etc.

How it can benefit yourself to practice the slow fashion movement:

– Contributing to a slow fashion movement will help you take part in moving towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to the fashion industry.

– Slow fashion can lower your carbon footprint.

– You will be taking a stand against labour exploitation around the world.

– By contributing to local designers and producers you will support the growth and development of new local businesses.

– Discovering a new sense of style with your self by following the slow fashion movement with buying not as mass produced clothing in today’s society, most of us are always in need of something new and the world is designed to make us crave even more. It is up to us to decide if that can be changed or if everything is best in moderation.

In today’s society, most of us are always in need of something new and the world is designed to make us crave even more. It is up to us to decide if that can be changed or if everything is best in moderation.